Goats in Sweaters Calendar 2020

Des Moines native Christy Sommers distinctly remembers seeing her first clothed goat in rural Bangladesh in 2010 while undertaking education research as part of a US-government sponsored Fulbright fellowship. In extensive further travels, she noticed that goats dressed in human clothing appear to occur only in lowland areas that are quite hot in the summer months but which cool down in the winter, predominantly in the Indian states of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal as well as throughout Bangladesh. In interviews with goat owners, they have all said that they clothe their goats because the animals otherwise get cold. Christy appreciates this phenomenon as a unique commentary on the loving people who care deeply about the goats that comprise an important part of their livelihoods.

This year, like years past, Christy will be donating half of the proceeds to the same school in India (the Asha Deep Vidyashram). Last year between calendar proceeds and additional donations that came in, she was able to make a donation of $12,700! That much can keep the school running for nearly 3 months!