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Lori Bonz

From the artist:

I have enjoyed working with clay since I first experienced wheel throwing as a teenager. I attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics and a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. Currently, I teach elementary art in the Des Moines public schools. At times, balancing work between my love of clay and my passion for teaching can be a struggle.
I strive to incorporate form and design into my work and am influenced by classical contemporary shapes. I find what I love and add it to my work. You will find some of my pieces accented with copper wire, glass knobs, geodes, dragonflies and beads. I use raku glazes and low-fire glazes to finish each piece. The glazes are sometimes unpredictable, leading to surprises when the kiln is opened. Those surprises are what make each piece unique.
My work is constantly evolving as I enjoy wheel throwing as well as hand building. Lately, I have been working on a series of figures with movable arms and legs. I think of them as my dancers.
Some collectors who own pieces of my work have told me they feel a sense of calm when viewing my pottery. This may have something to do with the colors of the glazes I choose and how each piece is accented.