Babassu Shampoo Bar

Green Mama Soaps - Deanna Koch

Babassu Shampoo Bar

Babassu oil is what really makes this shampoo bar stand out. It’s considered the environmentally friendly alternative to palm oil. (The babassu tree is a critical subsistence resource in Maranhão, where more than 300,000 families harvest babassu and are often dependent upon this activity for their economic survival.) This sustainable oil helps restore your hair’s strength and elasticity. Mango seed butter and shea butter are added in after the sodium hydroxide (lye) has cooked out, to make this a super luxurious and conditioning shampoo experience. Both sweet orange and peppermint essential oils are natural mood stimulators and are known for their cleansing abilities. A great soap for both men and women!

Green Mama uses the age old method of soap making method, known as “hot process”. Working in small batches, the oils and lye are slowly cooked until the saponification (soap) process has occurred. This is important, because waiting until the lye is no longer caustic allows the Essential Oils and added botanicals to do what they’re good at; nourish and love your skin.

1 bar, weighing approximately 4 ounces*
*All bars are hand-poured and hand-cut. Please note that no two bars will look identical, nor will they weigh identical. Also, all packaging is done with much assistance from my girls; crooked-ness may occur.


Coconut oil, water, babassu oil, castor oil, lye, mango butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet orange and peppermint essential oils.