Coconut Lime Soap

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Coconut Lime Soap

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You put “de lime in de coconut” and then you get clean! Seriously though, the crisp refreshing scent of lime essential oil is mixed with finely ground coconut flakes to bring you a gentle exfoliation with a very invigorating smell. I hear many people find themselves singing as they use this bar…


Green Mama’s home use:
This is my 7 year old’s favorite bar. If this one is in the bathroom as a choice, she always picks it. And, we use it from head to toe; it works great as a shampoo bar too! Butting down on the amount of things during kid bath-time is always a big plus  If you are interested in trying my soap as shampoo, please read here for a bit more information.

1 bar, weighing approximately 4 ounces*