Hippie Aromatherapy Spray

Green Mama Soaps - Deanna Koch

Hippie Aromatherapy Spray

Looking for those good feelings of mellow and chill? I have bottled it up!
(Safe to use on yourself, your furniture and even the air around you, to heighten your senses and your mood.)

Patchouli and Pink Grapefruit Essential Oils

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Be sure to *breathe in* the aroma to get the full experience and benefit of the Essential Oils.

Some suggestions for use:

* Spray several times into cupped hands and breathe in the aroma, by inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply for a full minute.

* Spray the air or furniture in a room.

* Spray yourself, your children, your pets, anyone really (well maybe not strangers).
(keep out of eyes please)

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