Smug Cat - Story Medallion

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Smug Cat - Story Medallion

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Smug Cat -  Story Medallion

She who rules the roost is in honor of my favorite cat who is no longer with me, but was definitely in charge when she was.

2” hand painted medallion with a wood base, glass, chain, metal and mixed media, and a pretty on the back. 20” black satin cord


My Story Medallions are handcrafted pendants, made one-of-a-kind, one at a time.

They speak to me of the beauty and mystery of the world in miniature, each front and back is its own little universe. Each medallion reveals its story to me, layer by layer as I create them, and each invites others to let their own imaginations take flight. I use a collage technique incorporating a variety of found materials, methods and media, all signed on the back.