Summer Aromatherapy Spray

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Summer Aromatherapy Spray

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Mosquitoes making your outside time unbearable? Green Mama has an all natural solution for you – Sweet Basil and Bergamot are blended together to create a barrier between you and those little critters! It’s quickly absorbed and doesn’t have a greasy residue or leave you with that “icky” feeling you get from traditional bug sprays.

Fun little fact – in the olden days, people would rub themselves down with basil leaves to keep mosquitos at bay!

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Some suggestions for use:

* Spray yourself, your children, your pets, anyone really (well maybe not strangers).
(keep out of eyes please)

* Spray the air around you.

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Ingredients: Purified water, organic vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, bergamot and sweet basil essential oils. Made with 100% natural ingredients. No synthetic dyes or fragrances.

2 ounce bottle, with spray mister

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