Paint Your Own Pottery Studio - In Studio by appointment or To-Go with curbside pick up.


Every Paint Your Own Pottery Studio got it's beginning in someone's basement or garage.  Ceramics gained it's popularity from a bunch of home hobbyists.  Molds are filled with liquid clay (called slip) it's dried, cleaned, sanded and fired once in the kiln to become the bisque that you see on my shelves.  There are many people that still employ this process and as I find these collections I try and save them. The majority of the items in this collection are one time purchases for me so if you love one, get it.  The majority of these pieces are from molds created in the 70's, 80's and early 90's If you have a treasured piece lost over time let me know and I may be able to track it down.

If you are only interested in the bisque and will not need your piece brought back to me to be kiln fired, you may use the code: BISQUEONLY at check out it will take 25% off and includes shipping to your home.  For large orders I will ship the most cost effective way possible.